Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that addresses the hooding of the upper eyelids (Dermatochalasis). Over time, a person’s upper eyelids develop redundant skin which can rest on, or in some cases hang over, the lid margin. This causes a heavy feeling of the upper eyelids, and leads to fatigue and strain keeping the eyes open. It can even lead to restriction in the peripheral visual field.

Blepharoplasty is performed under local anaesthetic, with sedation if necessary, in the clinic rooms or in a theatre setting. The procedure frees up the peripheral vision, and alleviates the weight on the upper eyelids. Great care is taken to achieve a natural cosmetic outcome, with an emphasis on good recovery of eyelid function. Usually both eyelids are repaired at the same time.

Ectropion Surgery

Ectropion is an outward rotation of the lower eyelid, leading to exposure of the eyelid mucus membrane (conjunctiva). There is a wide range of ways this can present itself, with a very mild form being the outward rotation of the punctum (tear drainage opening), to a complete outward rotation of the lower eyelid. Continuous tearing, and also recurrent conjunctivitis, may accompany Ectropion.

There are many different surgical approaches to treating Ectropion, and these are performed under local anaesthetic in the clinic rooms or in a day surgery setting. They are aimed at achieving a great cosmetic outcome, and have a very good chance of improving or resolving the problem.


Entropion Surgery

Entropion is an inward rotation of the lower eyelid which leads to the lashes rubbing over the cornea, potentially damaging the skin that covers the eye. This can lead to significant scarring of the clear corneal epithelium.

Entropion correction is performed in the clinic rooms under local anaesthetic. The correction of the lower lid resolves the clinical symptoms and protects the eye from further damage being caused by the lashes.

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